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6-Part List-Building Series: Using Networking

Tuesday, 11 June 2019 Posted in Insights

6-Part List-Building Series: Using Networking

Networking is a fundamental part of being a successful business owner and it’s also an essential step in building a strong email list. That’s why we put together this week’s installment in our six-part list-building series: 7 ways to build your email list using networking.

Distribute and collect business cards.

Never leave your home without your cards, and make it a habit to ask for a business card anytime you meet someone face-to-face. Another great way to collect business cards is to set out a box or bowl in the reception area of your business or on your desk. Offer an incentive for dropping a card in, like a freebie or discount.

Pro tip: Add an offer to the back of your business card to encourage people to sign up for your email list.

Attend events.

Make an effort to attend networking events in your area so that you can meet more new people. The more people you meet and distribute your card to, the greater the chance that you’ll expand your email list.

Host your own event.

If you’re struggling to find networking events in your area, or if you just want to further your reach, take charge of the situation and host your own events. Advertise your event along with your email list to encourage attendance and then offer incentives at the event to sign up, as well.

Put out a sign-up sheet.

Any time you attend an event—a trade show, local business group meeting, community festival, etc.–you should have a sign-up sheet for your email list prominently displayed. Encourage attendees to share their information in exchange for a discount, freebie or entry into a drawing.

Build your online community.

Go beyond traditional social media techniques and create your own online community. This a great way to bring like-minded people who should be interested in your business, and email list, together. Private Facebook groups are a great platform for these groups and you can even charge a subscription fee and require an email to sign up.

Talk it up.

Word of mouth is still as valuable as ever. Ask your customers to refer new potential customers to your business or specifically to your email list in exchange for a discount.

Join local business organizations.

The best way to network in-person is to join a local business organization.  After all, it’s important to connect with others who know what it’s like to own a business and the highs and lows that come along with it. Fellow business owners will also be more likely to support you if they ever need your services or meet someone else who does.

Networking is a tried and true tactic that will help your business, as well as your email list, grow and thrive. Try some (or all) of these tips and let us know which ones worked best for you!

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