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How Making a Pie is Like Starting a Business

Tuesday, 20 August 2019 Posted in Insights

How Making a Pie is Like Starting a Business

Nope, you’re not seeing things and we’re not crazy. Making a pie is just like starting a business and we’re going to explain how:

Determine the need for pie.

When you decide to make a pie, it’s because you’ve determined that there’s a need for a pie. Maybe it’s Thanksgiving or another special occasion, or maybe your child or spouse just REALLY wants one. The same applies when you decide to start a business: you’ve determined that there’s a need for the product or service that you’ll be offering and you commit to doing something about it.

Choose a flavor.

Once you’ve determined the need for a pie, you have to decide how you will make the crust and filling. In order to do that, you need to define your market.

  • Who will be eating your pie?
  • How old are they?
  • What flavors do they like or dislike?
  • Do they need any special accommodations?

If your target market is your eight-year-old son, he’s probably not going to want a Key Lime or pumpkin pie. Something sweet like apple or chocolate cream will probably be more his thing.

If your target market includes someone with an allergy or diabetes, you may have to alter a traditional recipe to accommodate their special needs.

When you start a business, you need to define your target audience so that you can make strategic decisions like figuring out what will set your product or services apart from competitors and how to market your business. Check out our post on how to identify your ideal market here.

Make your pie.

When you actually get around to making your pie, you have to gather the ingredients and then work your way through all of the steps to put it together and bake it. If you leave one ingredient or step out, the pie may end in disaster!

The same is true when you build your business. If you leave out one step in the process, like forgetting to obtain insurance or a license, your venture might end under not-so-pleasant circumstances.

Serve your pie.

Your pie is done and it’s time to serve it to your customers! You could slap a slice on a paper plate and hand it to the first family member or friend you see. Or, you could serve it at the dining table on a nice set of plates. You invested all that time and effort into the pie… might as well do it justice (and make your loved ones happy)!

Putting a little thought and a personal touch into delivering your product or service is not only encouraged, but imperative. Emotions have a greater influence over human memory than facts, so by adding a personal touch and taking the time to deliver your product in an appealing way you are more likely to resonate with your customer base.

See? We’re not crazy! And we know that if you follow our four simple steps, you’ll end up with a delicious pie… or a successful business!

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