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You sold it, now what?

Tuesday, 11 July 2017 Posted in Insights

You sold it, now what?

Congratulations, you sold another product! Now you just have to confirm the order with the buyer, find a box, pull the product off the shelf and add it to the box with the correct paperwork and packing material, print the address label and get it to the post office for shipping.

All done? Hmm, what about their access to the membership site and the online part of the product or bonuses? Then what about support followup or education on how to use your product?

If you make a few sales, it’s easy enough to miss a few of those followup steps with your customers but how will you ever keep up when you sell dozens or hundreds of the product?

Chaos, meet automation, the savior of the small business owner.

We use Infusionsoft but whatever CRM or marketing platform you use it should give you the capability of automating post-purchase followup.

In an ideal situation, the prospect visits your website, chooses the product they want, and completes the purchase. That’s when automation can take over, ensuring that your new customer gets exactly what they ordered, all the collateral material you want them to have, access to your membership site, and the critical follow-up to the sale.

This is your opportunity to re-sell them on their great decision to buy your product, educate them on how to get the most benefit from it, and ask them for a testimonial and referral.

In Infusionsoft, you can do all that and more in a post-purchase campaign that’s triggered by the product purchase. Using automation, you can confirm and fulfill the product purchase, notify yourself or staff, and followup as creatively and strategically as you want with your new customer.

With automation, every customer gets the same WOW experience, and you get one more happy customer raving about your customer service.

You can take that to the bank.

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