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The results have been awesome!

SoCal BNI has been using MAR [Marketing Automated Results for BNI Regions] since January of 2011 and the results have been awesome!  It has been the “system” we needed to professionally handle not only the requests from prospects to know more about BNI and visit a chapter, but also to provide visitor follow up for all our chapters.


We have over 100 requests on a monthly basis.  The MAR system provides the contact information so a phone call can be placed within 48 hrs to the prospect.  In the month of July there were 114 such requests.  Nearly 60 of those resulted in scheduled visits to existing chapters and 15 to start up chapters.  10 prospects were added to a waiting list for their specialty, however 3 of those prospects wanted more information about starting a chapter – 2 have already started the process: a director has been assigned and an Information Meeting set for each!


Proper and consistent visitor follow up is a challenge for any BNI chapter.  MAR provides a “system” for the chapter visitor host to quickly and easily enter visitor information after each meeting so that the proper email campaign is automatically generated over the next 6 days, ending with the email to remind them that they are welcome to return for a 2nd visit.  Our chapters love having access to such a great follow up system!

Jenni Nering
Southern California

Best measurable results

I started working on my websites with Dom and Kerry Cassone from Zacaw Enterprises about 2.5 years ago.  I was referred to them by my business coach, and it has been one of the best decisions I have made.


When I first started working with Zacaw, I had a Joomla based website for my fitness facility that was not producing from a marketing, lead conversion standpoint. The site also had some other flaws that Dom and Kerry pointed out. I built the original site in Joomla because it allowed me to easily manage and update my site while capturing lead information.  Dom and Kerry took the site to the next level. They cleaned up my home page making it more visually appealing while providing module tools on the back end that made the site more user friendly.


I thought I knew Joomla, but Dom and Kerry have given me an education on a variety of plugin, component, and module functions that have allowed me to speak to specific audiences from a marketing standpoint and capture more leads all while maintaining a clean, pleasant looking, and user friendly website.  I was so pleased with the first site they helped me build that I had them help me build a second site for my physical therapy business....and in many ways, the second site is better than the first.


The best thing about Zacaw Enterprises is they work from a marketing perspective. They don’t just help clients build “pretty” sites.  The sites they build help businesses build a herd of leads, prospects, and clients, and maintain the “herd” through integration of the site with Contact Management Software – in my case, Infusionsoft.


Now I am somewhat web and computer savvy, so when I have minor glitches with the site that I need to address, Dom and Kerry are able to effectively communicate the problem and provide optimal solutions. For those who are not as website savvy as I am, I know Zacaw Enterprises has the front end and back end marketing and lead capture systems, along with lead and customer follow-up systems that will provide the best measurable results for their clients who need a “Soup to Nuts” web presence for their businesses.


I highly recommend Zacaw Enterprises for your website and marketing needs.  Want to see how they have helped me?  Visit www.allaccesspt.com and www.allaccessfa.com

Steve Messineo, PT, DPT, Owner, Executive Director
All-Access Physical Therapy and All-Access Fitness Academy
Shrewsbury, Massachusetts

Customized solutions

Zacaw's expertise in providing integrated customized solutions for our respective clients' information management, as well as application design and deployment, have allowed Innovative the opportunity to further solidify our position as the leader in providing creative and effective solutions to our clients' mailing, fulfillment, data management, and overall marketing needs.

Deb Lefebvre
Innovative Marketing Resources
Leominster, Massachusetts

Heading forward in my sales & marketing

The coach/consultants at Zacaw have been impressively helpful to me and to my business. They have shown patience and persistence in assisting me to put together my newly designed photography business systems. My own personal productivity has risen sharply since I started working with them as coaches.


It's brought me around to the right track heading forward in my sales and marketing processes.  I highly recommend Zacaw as business and production coaches and consultants.

Jamin Leopold
Leopold Photography

Money-making website

We hired Zacaw Enterprises to build a professional, comprehensive, lead-generating, money-making website for one of our entrepreneurial ventures.  We told them exactly what we needed, and they walked us through a turn-key process for creating exactly what we envisioned.


Their intuition and innovation for understanding their clients’ needs and desires and delivering on precisely that is spot on.  And the best part about Zacaw Enterprises is that they are a small business firm themselves.  This means the client receives a fresh and experienced perspective on all business related to your website – you’ll know they not only care about your website, but they genuinely care about your business.


Zacaw is extremely professional, highly capable, very personable, and a dream to work with.  For anyone looking to take their company to the next level with an awesome website, look no further than Zacaw Enterprises!!

Larry Parman
Parman Law & National Business Coaches
Oklahoma City, OK
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